December 8, 2011

Teen Health

health1In 8th grade Health the focus is on Teen Health.  We begin with Skills for Life.  We put the Decision Making Process to work. The students design a poster that brings the decision making process to life for them. We really talk about all decisions that they are going to have to make as they start into High School.  Students also set goals, they write 3 short and long-term goals and then write the steps it is going to take to reach those goals.  They find out which character trait best describes them as an individual and develop a comic life to help them with their weakest trait.  We then talk about Speaking, Listening, and Refusal skills.

The students partner up and develop a skit that demonstrates one of the skills (refusal, speaking, or listening).

 We talk about taking on responsibility for their health and how stress plays such an important part of their lives, which leads into Emotional and Mental Health.  The students do their projects on Teen Issues such as Suicide, Family Issues, Weight Issues, Alcohol, Tobacco, Gangs, Drugs, Dating and Relationships and Depression.  Their projects have to be their own. We extend the alcohol unit using a mini version of the Grimm Reaper.  The students visit the mortuary and write a letter to their parents.  Also at the end of this unit, the Dawson County Sheriff comes and visits with the students.