November 6, 2011

Halloween at the Middle School

hallo3If you walked around the halls of the school this past Monday

night, you would have seen all kinds of little monsters running here and there.  Not to worry, it was for a good cause.

The middle school hosted trick-or-treaters from around the community. Parents brought their children, preschool age to 5th grade. Admittance was $1. The proceeds went to Operation Santa Clause. They were led through the school by volunteers from the Multiple Choices Program. They visited each room, where other middle students and teachers were awaiting them to hand out delicious candy.

Each room was decorated with different themes. You could see a mad scientist lab. You could visit a balloon maze. One room went with the Captain Underpants theme. In another room, if you weren't careful, you would be swallowed alive by a giant mouth!

The night was a success! There was a total of 320 kids that came through. The most heard comments from parents were "This is really great!" and "Thank you". Now the halls of Lexington Middle School are back to normal today. Sort of.