Happy Holidays!

November 28, 2017

Hello, this is Ms. Bourge, social studies teacher on the Liberty team. I cannot believe we are approaching the end of the 1st Semester here at LMS.  With the end of the semester comes a well-deserved holiday break. Students on the Liberty team have been working hard and can hardly wait for Santa to arrive. (Teachers can hardly wait either)


It has been a good and productive year so far. I have enjoyed getting to know all of our students. This is a really great group of students.

We are on the Road to Revolution at this point in our studies.  When we return from the holiday break, we will be studying the American Revolution and the creation of the United States, as well as the creation of our U.S. Constitution.  Following we will learn about the first 16 Presidents, Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion. I look forward to a great 2nd semester. Hope you all have a blessed holiday season.