Haunted House For Sale

October 29, 2015

The 8th grade Liberty language arts classes have been preparing for Halloween.   They were given the challenge of creating an advertisement to sell a haunted house.  The assignment included creating a one page colorful brochure that would entice someone to want to buy his or her haunted house.  Of course the people they were trying to appeal to, were not your typical buyers.  The brochure was to include a description and pictures of the house, various types of writing (alliteration, metaphors, similes, etc…), contact information, the address and the agency who was selling the house.  During the brainstorming process of creating the brochures we turned off the lights, played eerie Halloween music, displayed creepy looking pictures, and Googled haunted houses and ghost stories.  The kids enjoyed coming up with some pretty gory descriptions and pictures of their haunted houses.  They also had some pretty creative and clever agency names and addresses.  The brochures will be posted in our locker pod soon so feel free to stop by and pick the haunted house for you.