History Alive

January 23, 2012

History ALIVE!!!!

by Mrs. Risinger

7th grade students were surprised to walk into room 202 for history.  They were met with no seats, no desks, and a huge looking fort in the back of the classroom.  "Cool!  What is THAT?!" one student exclaimed.  The students rushed in and sat on the floor in anticipation for the day's lesson.  The class period was spent exploring the Chinese dynasty of Shang.  The students' objective was to crawl into the "tomb" and excavate an artifact.  Next, they had to answer three questions related to the artifact in order to reveal a secret word and number.  The number then directed them to what book section they needed read to learn more about the Shang Dynasty.  The project took 2 days to complete.  Students learned all sorts of interesting Shang Dynasty facts such as why they cut off heads to sacrifice people, how they used cowrie shells as money, how often the Shang worked with bronze, and why they buried people and animals with the Shang rulers.  Overall, I was extremely happy to bring history alive in my classroom where the students were able to become archeologists for the day.