Holy Buckets Batman

December 9, 2018

Holy Buckets Batman, that’s a lot of Reading!

The 8th grader superheroes are working diligently to make AR goals, and in the process are becoming avid readers. Lexington Middle School prides itself on fostering an environment that aids in the development of lifelong readers.  Statistics show the impact that reading has on an individual student. 

Scholastic reports:
~A student who reads 20 minutes per day is exposed to 1.8 million words per year and scores in the 90th percentile
~A student who reads 5 minutes per day is exposed to 282,000 words per year and scores in the 50th percentile.
~A student who reads 1 minute per day is exposed to 8,000 words per year and scores in the 10th percentile

Not only does reading develop a strong vocabulary base and improve test scores, it builds empathy and improves overall wellbeing. We are very fortunate here at LMS to have a group of educators who take an active role in celebrating and supporting the development of reading. The picture below shows a few of our “Superhero Reader Leaders” for the 8th grade. These students have earned 100 AR points, or more, for the 2018-2019 school year. The best part…we are only half way through the school year!!!!  Our goal is to see success in all our readers and hopefully we can get all of our 8th graders on that wall!