Homeroom Project

April 24, 2012

Like a Serta, sorta

Global Youth Service day took place April 20-22.  More than 1,000 national and global partners in more than 100 countries brought millions of young people together to strengthen their communities through the power of youth service.

Mrs. Smets and Mrs. Ringenberg's homeroom students have taken on the project of supplying sleeping mats for Haitians.  These mats are made from plastic shopping bags, assembled into a type of "plarn" (plastic yarn) and crocheted into a mat by another teacher at the high school. Students cut plastic shopping bags into loops and then loop these together into one, long piece.  This becomes the "plarn" needed to make the mats.  This is a very time-consuming piece in the process.  From here, we will give our "plarn" balls to the LHS teacher who will crochet the sleeping mats. Students, teachers and members of two area churches helped us recycle their plastic shopping bags.

A sleeping mat keeps Haitians from sleeping on a dirt floor.  The community of Lexington benefits from having less plastic bags taking up landfill space or blowing around in the wind. LMS students benefit knowing they are helping our community, our planet and other students in Haiti. 

Our efforts may not seem like much, but none of us were willing to sleep on the ground when we could have a nice, comfy bed instead.  If you would like more information on Global Youth Services, you can visit YSA.org or GYSD.org.