M & Method

November 30, 2011

The Scientific m & method!           

Sixth grade Science students are investigating the scientific method  . . . sci1

The steps scientists follow as they investigate a question or problem are:

  • State the question or problem
  • (predict)
  • Make observations
  • State hypothesis
  • (predict)
  • Test hypothesis
  • Collect data or information
  • Interpret or study data
  • Make or draw conclusions

Two of the questions or problems we have investigated are:

What is the best material for keeping heat in water?


What is the most dominant color of Milk Chocolate m & m's?  (We call this investigation the "Scientific m & method" . . . )

Although scientists follow the steps, they do not always follow the exact order.  Another name for the Scientific Method is the Science Cycle.

To be a good scientist, students need to have these Tools:  sci2

  • Curiosity
  • Observation
  • Description
  • Prediction
  • Experimental control
  • Thinking
  • Willingness to redo

Ask your 6th grade students what color was the most dominant when all of the classes' data was compiled (brown, yellow, green, red, orange, or blue) . . . you may be surprised!

sci3 sci4 sci5