March 3, 2013

February Madness at LMS

This week we finished with our annual basketball tournament. There were champions crowned in each of the six periods. P.E. Students showed a lot of determination and hard work trying to get to the class championship game. Along with the hard work good sportsmanship and teamwork were shown.

In each of the six classes six girl and six boy captains' were chosen by the teachers, after the captains' are chosen they are responsible for drafting their team for the up coming tournament. Each team played a round-robin schedule, playing the other eleven teams in class twice.  Games were four minutes long and the players call their own fouls and keep their own score. When the games are over it is up to the winning captain to report the results of the game. After completing the twenty -two games the teams were placed in a double elimination bracket with the teams being seeded according to their record in the round-robin (best record plays worst record and so on).

The tournament concluded with seven hard fought final games, the last eight-grade tournament went two final games when the team from the losers bracket won two hard fought games to become the champions. All teams tried very hard to make the finals and get their picture taken with the trophy. Sportsmanship was stressed and for the most part the students did an excellent job with it!

Here are pictures of the champions and runner-ups from each class: