Majestic Theatre

December 14, 2017

The historic Majestic Theatre was reopened in June of 2015 after being purchased by the school board in 2012. Ongoing school and community efforts keep this wonderful piece of Lexington’s history running strong. 8th graders at Lexington Middle School have had first hand experience in the fine art of volunteering. Volunteers are plentiful and many students find themselves enjoying the process of giving back to their community.  While working, students perform tasks such as: ticket and concession sales, fulfilling orders, taking tickets and cleaning after the movie.  By starting the volunteer process at the middle school level, we hope to inspire the students to continue to give back to their community through volunteer efforts.  In addition, students are learning valuable skills that will carry over to the work force. We are proud of the work put forth by our students and other community members; thank you, Majestic Theatre!

One Community. One Theatre. It’s MAJESTIC!