Math Help

February 4, 2012

How Do I Help My Student with Math Homework?

We do not expect parents to be experts in math.  If a student gets stuck on a problem:

1. Ask the student to explain the problem to you.  By talking out loud, they might be able to find the  mistake themselves.
2.Go back to the lesson the problem comes from.  Have the student review the lesson and see if they can figure out how to solve the problem.
3.Encourage the student to visit with a classmate about the problem.
4.Encourage them to visit with a teacher.  Every math teacher at the middle school is willing to help anystudent with a math problem.  It is best if they visit with their math teacher.
5.Check with the teacher that student did come in for some help.

If the student is struggling in math there are three opportunities to get help.

1.Go in before or after school for help.  There is always a math teacher available for help.
2.Math Activity Class
3.Multiple Choices which is the after school program.