Math Is All Around Us

May 10, 2018

As summer approaches, and students are no longer participating in formal math instruction, you can still be sure that they keep their math skills sharp.  There are many ways that students can be encouraged to use math in routine daily activities.  Here are a few ideas...

1.  Use math when shopping.  Even when doing grocery shopping, ask your son/daughter to do some estimating.  About how much is this item per ounce?  Approximately what will our total cost be for these items?  How much would this cost if we get 20% off?

2.  Have your son/daughter cook or bake with you.  Cooking is the perfect time to review fractions and measurement.  Take half of the recipe.  Double the recipe.  How many different ways can you add 3/4 cup?

3.  If your student is babysitting or mowing lawns to earn some money this summer, have them create a budget for how the money will be used.

4.  Craft, sewing and construction projects are a great way to review measurement skills.

5.  Calculate mileage for a trip.  How many miles did we get per gallon of gasoline?  How long will it take if we travel at 70 miles per hour?

These are just a few ideas, but math is all around us.  Ask questions.  Ask them to use problem solving skills. And...have a great summer!