Middle School Physical Education

September 19, 2014

With the new addition and updates made to the P.E. facilities there are several new activities planned for the up coming year. So far the students have been working on Football skills, ladder drills, mile run, and various other fitness activities. The new gym is about completed and will allow us to have much more room as we will be able split the classes up and use both gyms. Some of the units we are planning on covering are going to be pickle ball, badminton, basketball, soccer, baseball, fitness, combative activities, and an introduction toweight training.

A goal that we are focusing on at the Middle School is to prepare students for the transition into the High School. We want them to be familiar with the High School curriculum but on a slightly lower level with slightly lower expectations. With the new equipment and great facilities we have acquired over the summer, the Middle School Physical Education program is heading in a new and improved direction.