Mr. Allen's Class

April 27, 2016

Mr. Allen has welcomed student teacher, Mr. Josiah Scollard from UNK in to help guide the students through the Roman studies.  Mr. Scollard comes to UNK from Lincoln, where he went to Lincoln SW High.  Mr. Scollard was fortunate enough to spend 8 weeks with Mrs. Haines, and now is working for 8 weeks with Mr. Allen.
Currently students are exploring the history of Rome, from its humble beginnings as a small city-state near the Tiber River, and including its growth into a major super power in the 2nd century CE.   Students are busy researching information about the expansion of Rome.   They have been collecting details surrounding several events including the Punic Wars with Carthage, The Roman Civil Wars, Julius Caesar and the fall of the Republic, and finally the expansion of the Roman Empire.

Students will be taking their research information and creating Newspaper articles on their computers.   They are pretending they have traveled back in time, and were the actual reporter on the scene of the events.   Their stories need to include an answer to the typical journalism questions of who, what where, when and why...They also need to use a "snapshot" that could be included in the "news".   Finally the students are adding a map showing the expansion of Rome's territory during the time.

Students will be moving into Western Europe during the Middle Ages after the fall of the Roman Empire.   Students will finish their 7th grade social studies work with European studies, where they will explore several key issues regarding feudalism, the Black Death, Medieval Castles, crusades, and ending with an understanding of the church in Europe.