Mr. Flores Spanish Class

May 6, 2016

In our level 2 Spanish Class we are reading an interesting novel called, “Taking Sides” by Gary Soto. It’s a novel inspired by two teenagers who grew up together in the same neighborhood and attended the same school for a long time. They shared a lot of personal experiences together until they were separated by events. Destiny eventually brought them back together once again to face off against each other in their favorite game. These two guys had a lot in common but what bonds them for life is the shared love of basketball. They played on the same team for the same school but life shifted in a different direction forcing them to lead different paths. One of this guys had to moved to another county and different school. Their destiny set these two guys face to face once again, but this time in different schools and different teams.

To enjoy and read this novel students were split into groups of two or three members. Each student had to read one page to the group, rotating until every member in the team read their pages. The rest of the members were to listen to the story and pay attention to what happens in the chapter. Applying this strategy, the students have the chance to make comments or ask questions about each part of the chapter that they don’t understand. When this situation happens they can get help within the same group. Every day before we begin with the reading process, the teacher asked four questions related to the chapter that they need to read during the day. While the students are reading they will find the answers and at the same time, share their opinions while checking to see if the answers are right or wrong. With this part of the reading process it allow the students to get ready for the final test.

At the end of the reading process, the students will have to complete two extra activities. The first is to search for vocabulary words used in the story in a word search. The second part is a lesson review about the thirteen chapters that they had to read. The intention for these activities is to help students have better  support in getting ready for the final test.

In Spanish class we believe that the love for the reading helps contribute to making a critical student, with different features and potentials, capable to change the world.

What are you reading at this time?