New Classmate

February 2, 2014

Seventh Grade Science Students Welcome New Classmate

The seventh grade STARS Science students have a new addition to the classroom! They are looking forward to naming the latest member of the team. Through very diligent work they were able to symbolically adopt a polar bear and help save the polar bears' habitat.

This was a record- breaking year for sales of Coca Cola cans featuring a picture of polar bears. Students traveled to Homerooms selling "Bear Hugs" to raise money for their community service project. The students sold a total of 1,624 cans of Coke!

Numerous State Standards were covered in this unit, as the kids learned about the tundra biome and the effects of global warming on polar bears, as well as our whole planet. The students held a rally in front of Lexington Middle School to promote awareness of global warming. They experienced the results of climate change first-hand, as they stood outside in 72 degree weather on December 19, 2013!!!

The seventh graders ended this unit of study using iMovie to create public service announcements. The PSA included information learned in the unit, as well as a plea to join in the crusade to stop global warming and save the polar bears!!!