Quiz Bowl/Science Olympiad

February 24, 2011

Quiz Bowl & Science Olympiad

Lexington Middle School will be competing in the ESU #10 Quiz Bowl in Kearney March 2nd.  Ten 8th grade students will be challenged with questions from all curricular areas as well as general knowledge.  It is a matter of quick thinking and quick responses.  Two teams will square off and will begin the contest by trying to buzz in first to a Toss Up question.  Only after being recognized by the panel of judges can an answer be given, any blurting results in being disqualified for that round. If the Toss Up question is answered correctly the team will be given five points and a Bonus question.  Here, the team can discuss the question and have the captain give the answer within 15 seconds.  If answered correctly, the so1Bonus question is worth 10 points.  So it goes for potentially 12 rounds.  Lexington Middle School won the Quiz Bowl in 2009.  Mrs. McKeone is the LMS Quiz Bowl coach.

Mrs. McKeone and Mr. Havranek will be taking 15 students from the 6th-8th grade classes to compete in 12 science areas for the annual ESU #10 Science Olympiad.  This will be held at the University of NE – Kearney on March 22nd.  Students are studying fossils, meteorology, anatomy of the muscular and respiratory systems, and ecology in the areas of tundra and taiga.  A catapult is being constructed for the Storm the Castle contest, a Battery Buggy is being tested, and a tower is being designed for this event.  For a list and description of all the events visit the Science Olympiad website at www.soinc.org.  The LMS students will be competing in Division.

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