Naked? Egg Drop Pop! Rockets

April 9, 2013

Naked? Egg Drop   Pop! Rockets

Plan to see 6th grade Science students compete in a Science Olympics event!

Student scientists will be challenged by gravity, attempt to overcome inertia, put acceleration, force, and mass to the test, and monitor action / reaction.  They will witness firsthand how some variables can be controlled and how some respond to what is being tested.

Success comes with practicing the habits of a good scientist:

*  awareness that science often does not have predictable results
*  ability to work alone or as a team
*  enjoy watching other scientists at work
*  show integrity during planning, construction, and competition

6th grade scientists choose to compete in:

Pop! Rockets, or
Naked? Egg Drop

Check with your student to find out the event selected.  Give support, encourage following rules, assist with meeting the device check in deadline (Tues., April 30).

Enjoy watching all scientists compete on Thursday, May 2nd from 3:45 to 5:30 pm at LMS.