Kid-Friendly Websites

 = student favorite!




  Racing Games - race against others online in boats and cars using math facts!

Flashcards - online flashcards to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts.

Saxon Math Online Practice - set your own guidelines to practice and it even checks it for you!

Softschool - LOADS of games to practice ordering numbers, percents, fractions and more.

Sheppard Software - more games that feel more like an arcade for math facts and skills

Kidzone - create online worksheet practice that grades it for you!

A+ Math - Play math bingo with math skills, this site is MUCH more than just basic facts!



Garfield Comic Strips - sequence comic strips, make your own characters, and even make your own comics!

Funbrain - this website has comics and you can even read Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

Fact and Opinion Practice - if you have trouble with fact and opinion, this site's for you!

Social Studies

  Purpose Games


Info please! - If you need general information on each state, this is the place for you.

Sheppard Software Map Practice - Maps to click on and locations to find.

Kids Past - A great way to explore topics in history.  Interactive and fun.

 - everything you ever wanted to know about the White House.




Pest World for Kids - Learn about all sorts of Pests in our world.

Cambridge Elementary Science Site - Explore the nitrogen cycle, the moon phases, and more!

FEMA for Kids - FEMA is the U.S. Agency the helps people when there is an emergency, like a flood or a tornado.



Dance Mat Typing Practice - Interactive and fun!

Typing Practice - Increase your speed and typing skills using this online practice tool.

Safety tips from the FBI, just for kids!

Art and Music

Music Cards - practice note names and key signatures.

San Francisco Symphony for Kids - this site allows you to play with rhythms, time signature, and lots of instruments online!


Health and Fitness

 - a fun game and lots of information about the food pyramid and eating the right things.


English Zone - LOADS of practice of grammar and writing.